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High octane fuel before the ride.

High octane fuel before the ride.

Our bodies need fuel to push the pedals and not all of that fuel will give equal results. Having been through my own dietary issues and having a science based background, I've done plenty of "experimenting" on what foods help me perform at my best on the trail. I've gone from taking literally anything and everything with me to having a pretty good idea of what I personally need, but that has come with a lot of trial and error. I suggest that you do the same - find what works for your gut, because everyone has slightly different needs and wants, but I will share the following advice with the hope that it can help you in some way. 

My pre-ride fuel of choice is a smoothie packed with beets, power greens (including the beet greens), hemp seeds for protein, bananas, frozen cherries and water with a little bit of apple cider vinegar. I usually have a glass about an hour before a ride and can feel the benefits on the trail right away. Beets decrease the level of oxygen you need to maintain a certain level of pace, giving you the ability to go further with less effort (many studies have supported this and beets are a key ingredient in many endurance athletes diets). I really like power greens such as kale, baby spinach and beet leaves. They are nutrient dense, packed with vitamins and help with digestion and nutrient absorption. All good things! I change up my protein source regularly (chia, hemp, brown rice) but my go to is hemp seed because it has a lot of protein per serving and doesn't fill you up. Eating bananas helps keep away cramps and adds a good texture. Cherries are a great for fighting off inflammation, reducing muscle pain and adding flavor. The final ingredients are water and apple cider vinegar. The water helps get everything down and the apple cider vinegar has a lot of overall health benefits such as helping balance blood sugar levels, adding good gut bacteria and detoxing your body. Try it an hour or two before your next ride and feel the power of clean energy! 


1 and 1/4 Cup Water

2 Cups of Power Greens 

1 Banana

1/2 Beet cut into smallish pieces (about 1/2 cup)

3 Tablespoons of Organic Hempseed 

1 Teaspoon Organic Mother Apple Cider Vinegar 

6 Frozen Organic Cherries

Spoonful of Yogurt or Kefir (optional) 

Combine in this order and blend until uniform. Drink and be ready to rip! 


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