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About US

Singletrack Supply Co was founded during a mountain bike ride in January of 2017. The end goal was simple: start a clothing company using the knowledge built working as a sales representative in the outdoor industry for the purpose of giving back to trail and bike advocacy groups. Building the product line from the ground up wasn't so simple . . . materials had to be sourced, clothing designed, factories checked and samples produced. Working hard while leaning on friends and industry colleagues made for a collaborative effort and the goal of creating clothing built with a purpose was achieved. 

High performance clothing built with a purpose

We use durable, lightweight, breathable and stretchable materials combined with functional athletic cuts to bring performance to new heights. 

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Direct to consumer business model

By going direct to the consumer we can cut out the typical retail markup, providing you with the best product at a fair and honest price.

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Give Back Based Philosophy

You can feel good that our time and resources are being used to protect, promote and produce trail access.

5% of profits are donated to trail and bike advocacy groups

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